The following items and services are included:

1. Waitrons dressed in our corporate colours which are white, black and green

2. Arranging of tables and chairs

3. Setting of the tables

4. Cream / White/ Black Tablecloths

5. Chair Covers: Cream, White, Black

6. Colour coordinated overlays

7. Plain white porcelain crockery

8. Stemmed Glasses

9. Stainless steel cutlery

10. Colour coordinated 2-ply paper serviettes

11. Sugar sachets on the tables if tea is part of the menu

12. Lemon scented wipes

13. 1 x 1.5 litre Coke served with main course

14. Fruit juice and bottled water on the tables

15. Ice

16. Frills for the main and bridal tables

17. Red carpets for the aisle and the stage (where applicable)

18. Stage or bridal table backdrop

19. Public Address system / Cordless Microphone

20. Serving of the food

21. Clearing of the tables

22. One waitron per every two tables

23. A decorative arch

P.S. Diet cool drinks available on request.


1. Tiffany Chairs (white)

2. Wedding Ceremony outside

3. Stage & Entrance Bouquets

4. Linen Napkins

5. Silver & Gold Under-plates

6. 1.5 litre Coke

7. 1.25 litre Appletiser

8. Canned Cool Drinks 200ml

9. Less than 10 guests per table Extra charge any additional tables

10. 1 Waiter per table Extra charge