abdullah rawoot cathkin CaterersIn loving memory of Abdullah and Kulsum Rawoot, who founded Cathkin Caterers in 1983 and built it into a flourishing business with an exemplary reputation in the local food industry. Abdullah was born in Cape Town in 1951 to parents who hailed from the Kokan village of Morba, in the Indian province of Maharashtra. After serving as an educator at Cathkin High School, Heideveld, he took the decision to follow his twin passions for good service and the culinary arts. With the help of a small family loan - plus plenty of advice from his wife, Kulsum, and other female relatives - Abdullah set up a catering company. His unstinting work over the next many years culminated in the establishment of "Tuscany", the prominent Cathkin Caterers headquarters in College Road, Rylands. The building is remarkable for its fusion of Indian, African and European architecture, its seating for 300 guests and - of course - the quality of the food served inside. Kulsum's recipes ranged from traditional Kokni dishes to more exotic offerings from the east and beyond, and he was always enthusiastic about trying new tastes! Today, Abdullah and Kulsum's children, Zaeem and Saajida Rawoot, run the business he started over two decades ago, ever mindful of the high standards their father set, and honouring his memory by ensuring they are kept.