Download our platter list: download cathkin caterers packages

•    Platters feed 10 people
•    Allow 48 hours from ordering to delivery
•    Delivery charge not included
•    Closed on Tuesday’s
•    Earliest delivery is 09:00AM
•    Prices subject to change without prior notification
•    Items may vary according to availability
•    Payment is required 24 hours before collection or delivery


Bagel Platter: – 20 items

Salmon, cream cheese and rocket

Biscuit & Dip Platter:

Assorted biscuits served with (Choice of 3 Dips) egg & mayo, tuna & mayo, butternut & feta, smoked snoek, chicken liver, hummus, peppadew dip

Braai Platter: – 30 pieces

10x beef sausage and 20x lamb chops served with coleslaw and potato salad

Breakfast Platter: – 30 items

Muffins and scones served with butter, jam and cheese

Burgers and Fries Box (Beef or Chicken): – Minimum order 12

Beef or chicken burger served with one portion of fries

Butternut and Avocado Salad: – Feeds 15 people

Roasted butternut, lettuce, avocado, feta, red onion topped with our special dressing

Chicken Platter: – 40 pieces

Sweet chili legs, wings and crumbed strips and wings served with chutney.

Cocktail Canapé Platter: – 40 items

Sweet chili prawn, smoked salmon with cream cheese

Cocktail Roll Platter: – 30 items

Tuna mayo, cheese & tomato, egg & mayo, chicken & mayo

Cold Meat Platter:

Assorted mixed cold meats served with a chili sauce

Dessert Platter: – 50 items

Assorted cakes and pastries

Fruit Platter: – Seasonal (Available Nov- Mar)

Assorted sliced fruits in season served with yoghurt

Kiddies Party Box: – Minimum order 12

1 chicken burger; 3 nuggets; 1 margherita pizza

Mini Pizza Platter: – 50 items

Chicken, steak, cold meats and vegetarian

Savory Platter: – 50 items

Samoosas, pies, pizzas, quiche, cheesy chicken bites served with a chili dip

Slider Platter: – 20 items

Mini beef and chicken burgers served with fries

Vegetarian Platter: – 50 items

Potato samoosas, spinach & cheese half-moons, pizzas, mix veg springrolls, quiche

Wrap Platter: – 20 Half wraps

Steak and chicken wraps served with house greens