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1. TABLE SERVICE: (CHICKEN MAIN MEAL) R175.44 p/p Excl. VAT (R200.00 p/p Incl. VAT)

  • Tuscany Hall
  • Round Tables & Chairs
  • Table-cloths & Chair Covers
  • Overlays & Tie-backs (if colour available)
  • Fresh Flowers or Candles
  • Smart Function Service Charge
  • Coke (1.5L)
  • Fruit Juice (Bottomless)
  • Bottled Water (Bottomless)
  • 1 Starter (Category A or B)
  • 1 Main Meal (Category A1)
  • 4 Accompaniments (Category A/B/C/D/E)
  • 1 Dessert (Category A)
  • Tea & Coffee

2. TABLE SERVICE: (LAMB OR BEEF MAIN MEAL) R193.00 p/p Excl. VAT (R220.00 p/p Incl. VAT)

  • Tuscany Hall
  • Round Tables & Chairs
  • Table-cloths & Chair Covers
  • Overlays & Tie-backs (if colour available)
  • Fresh Flowers or Candles
  • Smart Function Service Charge
  • Coke (1.5L)
  • Fruit Juice (Bottomless)
  • Bottled Water (Bottomless)
  • 1 Starter (Category A or B)
  • 1 Main Meal (Category B1 or B2)
  • 4 Accompaniments (Category A/B/C/D/E)
  • 1 Dessert (Category A)
  • Tea & Coffee

3. TABLE SERVICE: (2 MAIN MEALS) R210.53 p/p Excl. VAT (R240.00 p/p Incl. VAT)

  • Tuscany Hall
  • Round Tables & Chairs
  • Table-cloths & Chair Covers
  • Overlays & Tie-backs (if colour available)
  • Fresh Flowers or Candles
  • Smart Function Service Charge
  • Coke (1.5L)
  • Fruit Juice (Bottomless)
  • Bottled Water (Bottomless)
  • 1 Starter (Category A or B)
  • 2 Main Meals (Category A1 & B1 or B2)
  • 4 Accompaniments (Category A/B/C/D/E)
  • 1 Dessert (Category A)
  • Tea & Coffee

4. BUFFETS: R241.23 p/p Excl. VAT (R275.00 p/p Incl. VAT) 

  • Tuscany Hall
  • Round Tables & Chairs
  • Table-cloths & Chair Covers
  • Overlays & Tie-backs (if colour available)
  • Fresh Flowers or Candles
  • Smart Function Service Charge
  • Coke (1.5L)
  • Fruit Juice (Bottomless)
  • Bottled Water (Bottomless)
  • 1 Starter (Category A or B)
  • 1 Chicken Main Meal (Category A1)
  • 1 Beef Main Meal (Category B1)
  • 1 Lamb Main Meal (Category B2)
  • 4 Accompaniments (Category B/C/D/E)
  • 1 Salad (Category A)
  • 1 Dessert (Category A)
  • Assorted  Cakes
  • Tea & Coffee


R120.00 p/p Excl. VAT (R136.80 p/p Incl. VAT) (Minimum Charge)

Our Venue + Smart Function Service Charge

SMART FUNCTION SERVICE CHARGE (Included in the packages)

The following items and services are included:

  • Waitrons dressed in our corporate colours which are white, black and green
  • Arranging of tables and chairs
  • Setting of the tables
  • Cream / White/ Black/ Embossed Tablecloths
  • Chair Covers: Cream, White, Black
  • Colour coordinated overlays
  • Plain white porcelain crockery
  • Stemmed Glasses
  • Stainless steel cutlery
  • A decorative arch
  • Colour coordinated 2-ply paper serviettes
  • Diet cool drinks available on request
  • Sugar sachets on the tables if tea is part of the menu
  • Lemon scented wipes
  • 1 x 1.5 litre Coke served with the main course
  • Fruit punch and bottled water on the tables
  • Ice
  • Frills for the main and bridal tables
  • Red carpets for the aisle and the stage (where applicable)
  • Stage or bridal table backdrop
  • Public Address system / Cordless Microphone
  • Serving of the food
  • Clearing of the tables
  • One waitron per every two tables


A non- refundable and non deductable booking fee of R1 000.00 paid in cash, confirms the booking.

A non-refundable down payment of R5000.00 is required 60 days before the function.  Should the aforementioned payment not be made by the stipulated time, we reserve the right to immediately cancel your booking (that is, terminate our agreement to cater and host your function), without the need (or obligation) to notify you of such cancellation. The amount of R5000.00 represents a genuine pre-estimate of our loss due to the function not taking place.

The final payment for the function can either be paid fifteen (15) days prior to the function in cash or via Electronic fund transfer.

NB. The prices quoted are subject to change without prior notification.

NB. The minimum number of guests we cater for on a weekend (Fri – Sun) & public holidays is 120-300 guests.



Category A

A1. Fresh Fruit Platter - A selection of freshly sliced Cape fruit in season- a refreshing summer starter ideal for the vegetarian and the health conscious.
A2. Salad Platter - A variety of freshly cut garden vegetables dressed with freshly chopped parsley, fetta cheese, olives and a home-made salad dressing- a must for summer.

Category B

B1. Phyllo Platter - A selection of oriental savouries such as samoosas, pies, quiche, pizzas & cheesy chicken bites served with a tangy dip.
B2. Soups - A hot or cold homemade soup, choice of Chicken & Corn, Chicken & Noodle, Vegetable, Minestrone, Mushroom, Seafood, Creamy Vegetable or Butternut Soup served with cocktail rolls or health bread and butter.
B3. Pizza Tray - A tray filled with tasty Italian flavours - pizzas topped with steak & peppers, viennas & salami, chicken & mushroom, tuna & onion
B4. Pate Platter - Health bread served with a selection of your favourite homemade pates - chicken liver pate, smoked snoek pate, egg pate, tuna pate, mushroom & dill pate, hummus
B5. Mumbai Platter - A selection of traditional vegetarian delights - potato balls, samoosas, chilli bites & springrolls
B6. Grilled Chicken Salad - A variety of fresh cut garden vegetables topped with tender chicken fillets
B7. Patta Bake - Spicy patta served with creamstyle corn & white sauce topped with paaper bites
B8. Grilled Angelfish & Salads - Cajun style served with toss salad & tartar sauce
B9. Thai Prawn Pasta - served individually
B10. Nicoise Salad
B11. Grilled Chicken Skewer - served on a bed of salads
B12. Nachos - Corn Chips, topped with a bean salsa & cheese
B13. Pot Pie - Creamed Chicken & Mushroom topped with pastry
B14. Cottage Pie - Beef Mince & vegetables topped with mashed potatoes


Category A1: Chicken Main Meals

Masala / Salt & Pepper Chicken - oven roasted
Butter & Rosemary Roast Chicken - crispy chicken pieces oven roasted
Tandoori Chicken - marinated in a spicy yoghurt mixture
Chicken Sosaties - skewered chicken cubes in a sweet sour sauce
Crumbed Chicken - deep fried until golden brown
Butter Chicken - cooked in a rich coconut cream sauce
Chicken Curry - with lots of gravy and made with ground spices
Chicken Kebaab - meatballs cooked in a rich creamy tomato based sauce
Chicken Biryani - marinated chicken topped with basmati rice
Garlic Lemon & Herb chicken - Saucy
Saffron Chicken - a saucy aromatic chicken dish
Chicken Jalfrezi - mildly spiced chicken with vegetables
Chicken Korma - in a thick cream based sauce
Chicken Kilia - in a thick yoghurt based sauce
Chicken Achnee - a khokni dish of chicken pieces mixed with masala rice
Chicken-a-la-king - cooked in a creamy herb sauce
Chicken Stroganoff - tender chicken strips served with mushroom sauce
Sweet & Sour Chicken - cooked in a vinegar sugar sauce
Chicken Paella - a Spanish dish of saffron, rice & chicken
Chicken Stirfry - with crisp Chinese style vegetables
Chicken Pasta - an Italian dish of chicken strips & noodles
Chicken Lasagne - succulent chicken topped with pasta
Grilled Chicken Breasts - served with a creamy pepper sauce
Chicken Strips & Spicy Rice
Chicken Pomedori - Fillet Chicken rolled with spinach served in a creamy tangy sauce
Creamy Chicken Kebaabs – Kebaabs cooked in a creamy garlic sauce with mushrooms and pepper
Chicken Karahi – Flame grilled chicken cooked in a creamy curried sauce


Category B1: Beef Main Meals

Roast Beef - pot roasted and served with a gravy
Beef Stroganoff - tender beef strips with a mushroom sauce
Braised Steak - blocks / strips / slices of beef in an onion gravy
Steak Curry - plain, with lots of gravy
Beef Ghema Curry - with peas and potatoes
Beef Kebaab Curry - meatballs cooked in a creamy tomato based sauce
Beef Bredie / Stew - tomato / sugar beans / carrots & peas /green beans / cabbage -tender pieces of beef slow-cooked
Steak Kilia - in a thick yoghurt based sauce
Steak Korma - a rich cream based sauce
Masala Steak - tender steak cooked in a masala gravy
Beef Mince Lasagne - with herbs and a pasta topping
Beef Mince Cottage Pie - oven baked and topped with mashed potatoes
Beef Mince Moussaka - oven baked layers of mince and brinjals
Beef Cubes in a Pepper Sauce
Beef Chow Mein - a Chinese dish of fried noodles and beef strips
Spaghetti Bolognaise - a savoury mince served with pasta
Beef Schwarma - shredded roast beef served with tsatziki sauce
Pepper Steak Stirfry - with crisp Chinese style vegetables
Steak with Tomato - tender steak in a tomato based sauce


Category B2: Lamb Main Meals

Lamb Curry - with lots of gravy
Lamb Kilia - in a thick yoghurt-based sauce
Lamb Penang Curry - in a sweet chilli sauce
Lamb Achnee - a khokni dish of lamb cubes mixed with masala rice
Lamb Pepper Curry
Lamb Casserole - cooked slowly in the oven with vegetables
Lamb Biryani - marinated lamb pieces topped with Basmati rice
Lamb Stew - Greek style with feta cheese
Lamb Korma - in a rich cream based sauce
Lamb Bredie/ Stew – tomato / sugar beans / carrots & peas / green beans / cabbage / cauliflower / split peas with tender pieces of lamb slow cooked
Dhall Ghost - lamb cubes in a lentil-based curry


Category A: Salads

Tossed Salad
Tropical Salad
Grilled Butternut & Avocado Salad
Noodle/ Pasta Salad
Beetroot Salad
Coleslaw Salad
Green Bean Salad
Baked Bean Salad
Four-Bean Salad
Potato Salad
Tomato & Onion Salad
Greek Salad
Jam & Onion Salad
Parsley & Onion Salad
Lemon & Onion Salad
Indian Carrot Salad
Roasted Pepper Salad
Tomato, Onion & Cucumber Salad
Tomato, Onion & Avocado Pear Salad
Cous-Cous Salad

Category B: Warm Vegetables

Baby Onions - caramelized
Corn - on the cob
Baby Marrows - creamed / sautéed (zucchini)
Mushrooms - creamed
Potatoes - mash / roasted / creamed / chips
Butternut - braised / baked with peas
Curried Potatoes - sautéed plain / green peas / spinach / chick peas
Squash - baked with sweet corn / boiled
Dhall - mung / channa / oil / red
Baby Potatoes – garlic / hasselback
Mixed Vegetables - medley / grilled
Brinjals (Aubergines) - masala / Thai Chilli
Cauliflower - cheese sauce
Vegetable Jalfrezi - Spicy veg in a curried sauce
Spinach - creamed spinach with mushrooms
Parmesan Potatoes - served with spinach
Chick Peas - masala with potatoes
Broccoli - with cheese sauce
Tomatoes - grilled
Alfredo - creamy mushroom
Pasta Recco - Creamy Tomato Base
Roasted Vegetables in pasta with basil
Baked Potatoes - with cream & cheddar cheese

Category C: Condiments

Mango / Lemon atchar
Mixed vegetable atchar
Dhanya chutney
Lemon chutney
Tomato sauce
Mr. Balls chutney / blatchang
Tartare sauce
Chilli sauce
Pappadums / Paaper
Mint sauce
Seafood sauce
Tamarind sauce
Raita - cucumber & carrot / banana & mint

Category D: Breads

Health Bread
Garlic Bread
Lebanese / Flat Bread
Party Bread

Category E: Rice

Plain Basmati
Sweet Yellow
Coconut Saffron
Lemon Saffron


Category A

Trifle - served with hot or cold custard
Strawberry Teaser - strawberry yoghurt whipped with Ideal Milk
Stewed Dried Fruit - served with hot or cold custard
Fresh Fruit Salad - served with whipped cream or full cream ice-cream
Mousse - various flavours (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) made with fresh cream
Falooda Delight - made with China grass and full cream milk
Sago Fruit Salad - cubed fresh fruit in a sago & milk base
Sliced Cape Fruit - a display of fruit in season
Granadilla Surprise - granadilla pulp mixed with Ideal Milk & Tennis Biscuits
Almond Pudding - a smooth almond-flavoured dessert
Toasted Almond Vanilla Cookies
Berry Crème – baked custard topped with berry compot
Cakes & Pastry Platter- Selection of cakes and pastries
Malva Pudding - served with hot custard
Bread & Butter Pudding
Chocolate Brownie - served with Ice Cream
Mango Mousse
Strawberries & Ice Cream - Seasonal
Choc Peppermint Delight
Hot Sago Pudding
Milk Tart


All items listed on the menu specials price list for which an additional charge is levied must be acquired from Cathkin Caterers. Items not listed on the menu specials price list may be outsourced by the client.

Tiffany Chairs (white) R10.00each
Wedding Ceremony outside R2,800.00
Stage & Entrance Bouquets R350.00 each
Linen Napkins R7.00p/p
Tablecloths (for gift tables, candy tables, dessert buffet) R50.00 per table cloth
Silver & Gold Under - plates R6.00 each
1.5 litre Coke R25.00 per bottle
1.25 litre Appletiser R35.00 per bottle
Canned Cool Drinks 200ml R10.00p/p
Less than 10 guests per table Extra charge any additional tables cost R500.00 per table
Set up of welcome drinks table R250.00 per table
1 Waiter per table Extra charge